By | April 20, 2014


The ITBS is a standardized test conducted for kids from starting to grades 8 all across the country. ITBS refers to Iowa Test of Basic Skills which will be given to kids all across the United States and compares kids intelligence ability, aptitude and cognitive ability against all the other kids across the country. The test covers basic learning subjects in various categories such as Reading, Mathematics, Aptitude, Social Studies and Science.

Importance of ITBS Test

All public schools in the USA are bound to take the ITBS Test to assess school kids development across the USA nation. These tests are not only used to evaluate intelligence of school students but are also used to grade teachers and schools for academic development and achievement standards. It is an important test in determination of federal funding criteria for schools and is also used at the state level to give grade to teachers and schools. There are 3 subtests that the students will attend: reading, language, and math. Each subtest will be conducted by the classroom teacher on the mornings (approx. 35 minutes) of testing days. The goal is to get a snapshot of our 2nd Graders and where they are placed. The ITBS scores reflect the entire kid; they are just a report to show about their position at that time and to help us as educators monitor their progress.

Since all schools participate in the ITBS Test program most schools will more or less adjust their curriculum around this and the Cogat standardized test. Preparing your students basic knowledge set for the ITBS is as simple as just ensuring you student does well in their standard school curriculum. Many parents want their children to excel on the ITBS since this test can be used as criteria for placing their kids in gifted classes and schools. While only a small percentage of kids can be accepted into gifted classes there are things that can be done to help your kid do well on these types of standardized tests.


The Catholic teacher needs the testing of students in grades 3, 6, and 8, using the standardized ITBS Test provided by Riverside. St. Louis School conducts all tests at all grades between 3rd and 8th in order to better care of the individual and group growth from year to year.

This year, students took the latest version of the ITBS Test and CogAT tests in February. The norms have changed – achievement of students in various areas such as reading and mathematics has improved during the past 4 to 10 years, especially in the early elementary levels. It’s like running a race against a faster group of runners. Their students are being compared to a higher scoring group and reported for this new ITBS may be a bit lower than scores from last years. The ITBS results to tailor the curriculum for the rest of the school year to meet the requirements of their students.


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