CogAT Interactive Profile Interpretation Details

By | March 25, 2015


Students make their formal studies started with their enrolment in schools and right from there, the ideal capability of students is assessed. The ideality of a classroom can only be defined by the efficiency of its students, with which they are dealing with variable cognitive capabilities they have. These inborn capabilities are the only way that can help them ride success in their academics and future.

Though you think your kid is getting higher percentage of scores, you can carry out the test to find the ways of working with them, in order to have better performance as a result. To bring the best out of a child, the educator as well as the parents must show efforts and responsibility towards bringing better cognitive orientation capabilities. Therefore a CogAT interactive profile interpretation will be the need of the hour!

Proper Interpretation

This interpretation system is definitely a step ahead for nurturing kids and their young minds. Empirically formulated tests can only help in measuring the level of intelligence of the prospective from different perspectives! Basically the CogAT interactive profile interpretation is oriented for a different genre of mental ability assessment which is far more different than the normal tests for mathematics, science or English language. The scoring system in this mechanism will also surprise you, since the percentile provided is not only on the faults or errors rather adding note to the type of errors a student does. The various types of errors which are committed by the student is assessed and marked accordingly. Silly mistakes are way different than that of mistakes done by lack of understanding. Low scores if obtained by student interpret their problem in specific field of understanding which can be corrected, later with proper efforts.

Cogat Test Process

The process of CogAT interactive profile interpretation is associated with bringing out divergent perspective of student’s knowledge and presence of mind. Through the test a score profile can be created that will be at par with the quantitative, non-verbal and the verbal capabilities of the student. When a student is scoring comparatively lower score, he generally falls in the category B that will reflect as per the specific scoring pattern. There is a profile C, which is for the students having strong aspect in one category and weak in another. Apart from that, SAS or Standard Age Score scale is there for assessing the capability of students as per their age.

Now summing up the exam performance, the percentile and the Stanine score can be obtained which is usually marked in 1-9. More marks indicates better performance and vice versa. This vivid and wide interpretation will definitely help you in modeling the education for your student. Find out if your kids have improved vision of life from their smaller age and better presence of mind to solve situations better.


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