Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

By | April 5, 2014


Every year, the Wonderlic draws attention for both high and low score results. Recently, Helen Boyer’s score was put under the microscope. In last year’s, many players have taken pressure for their low results. The Wonderlic Test was first used in the NFL in the early 1970s. The coach of NFL team thought that players need both cognitive skills and should learn to succeed in the game. He wanted for testing of all Dallas prospects. At the end of the decade, the NFL agreed with approach of coach and started the annual ritual of Wonderlic testing.

Review for the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

The comprehensive Secrets of the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test learning guide is written by some Wonderlic exam experts, who has done a painful research on every topic and concept that you should know to ace your test. Our original research reveals specific weaknesses that you can exploit to increase your test score more than you have ever thought. We often get questions about the merits of the “Wonderlic” in measuring football IQ. Experts in modeling & predicting athletic performance, we have extensive insight about ‘mental’ evaluations.

The cognitive toolkit is relied on by over 60 professional sports teams including2 football team Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Football players follow EXACT’s cognitive toolkits to face Wonderlic Test for selection round. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (“Wonderlic”) is a questionnaire known throughout sports as the test that measures intelligence and the cognitive prowess of football players. It was one of the first tools introduced for sports community and has become a general test for prospective National Football League (“NFL”) players.

Where does the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test succeed?

The Wonderlic has shown utility as a measure of intelligence and has demonstrated good psychometric properties. From one recent survey it was seen that Wonderlic-rendered IQ scores determines the intelligence of football players. The two tests were similar in terms of reliability of clinical classification, but the Wonderlic demonstrated fewer practice effects than the WAIS. The Wonderlic has been successfully relied upon in industries that require math and literacy skills.

Initially the Wonderlic ability test was designed for corporate use and not designed for sports man. It completely fails to provide value in the measurement of a player’s cognitive ability. While each team receives the results, NFL franchises don’t choose “smarter” quarterbacks sooner or compensate them better than their peers. Five other measurable factors like level of past competition and 40 yard dash time and contribution for draft order. Prospects seem to agree as 31.8% said the Wonderlic is the most useless combine test.

This Test is a brainteaser,” shared one pass-rusher with ESPN and I don’t remember a time that a brainteaser helped them sack the quarterback. As Football match is a physically capable activity, so effect of Wornderlic Test was not so much successful in case of winning the match but it helps others such as students and persons in improvement of Football match knowledge and immediate action knowledge of smartness to prove themselves.


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