Understanding CogAT Scores Learning Disabilities

By | April 4, 2015


It is a matter of fact that every individual has its own intellect and intelligence to deal with life and problems. There, you can find some intelligent and bright kids and at the same time, numb students are there, having difficulty to catch the studies, have behavior issues and inferiority complex. Altogether students cannot be judged only on their skills in one subject only; rather a total evaluation is needed to ensure the candidate’s efficiency in dealing issues. Cognitive test is one such way out that many help identify the weak points and strong points of a student at an early age, such that it will help parents get to take right step for their betterment of future!

Understanding CogAT Learning Disability

The assessment of cognitive test done by leading institutes and authorities like one of those by AIG helps in evaluating the essential aspects of functions of brain, especially the memory power, speed processing, concentration and the reasoning capabilities. These tests help in setting the correct benchmark of the student’s understanding level, for future comparison. The physician involved can also assess the blood pressure to track the present metabolic syndrome during the test to take note. The results that the test provides nevertheless, made published for general addressing, rather it is kept private. Flexibility of this test ensures options to go for the selective cognitive test to assess the needed standard of classification!

Intervening the Cogat Test

Generally the test are performed at three levels, including the quantitative questioning where problems are given to the student related with math and numerical. This can help find their capacity to the level of numerical understandings. Next test is carried out for verbal battery test that helps to find out the capability of a student to understand the verbal speech, reciprocation power, intelligence in verbal materials, fluency in speaking and other aspects of verbalism, where the high CogAT scores learning disability can be evidenced. In the non-verbal battery test, pictures, shapes and geometrical figures are dealt with.

Special case of High CogAT Scores Learning Disability Explained

There are cases when it is observed that a student has high CogAT scores learning disability, which is an interesting case of learning or visual disability while the other tests are performed to be well scoring. The scores are high for quantitative or non-verbal battery test like identifying the shapes and figures etc. If such evidence on low verbal score is observed, it is high time parents should look forward and give attention to their kid by further diagnosis of the issues. The problem must not be exaggerated before intervening in to the learning process efficiently. This process of diagnosis must be done as soon as possible to ensure the student gets back to the track again. The result of learning disability could even be the extreme case of attention disability. You need to make sure the test results are checked thoroughly and the verbal skills are considered for assessing the given results. The best advice is to go for a professional checkup to show concern for your child!


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