Psychometric Testing

By | April 10, 2014


All of these terms of Psychometric Testing are used to describe a set of questions, designed to measure intelligence, thinking abilities, cognitive skills, aptitudes, attitudes and personality. A psychometric test is a system that is designed to generate a quantitative assessment of some psychological determination. Also it is defined as any testing process on the basis of which inferences are made concerning a person’s capacity or liability to react, experience or thought or behavior in specific ways.

Need of Psychometric Testing

The Psychology Department conducts the tests which may be used only by Psychology staff and students for test. These Psychological tests are available in Psychology &Philosophy Library which is staffed 9-5 on weekdays during term period. For more information on which cognitive test is appropriate for your study please consult your supervisor or educator. Through looking at the list of Psychometric Testing conducted by the department you can do a keyword search on databases such as the Knowledge website. There are many website pages available on internet which will guide on psychological testing such as the American Psychological Association’s Testing and Cognitive Assessment program.

The word ‘test’ is the term used by people other than psychologists to measure some status or capabilities. That’s why we should use that term in this online Guide. We can also search through the words ‘questionnaire’ and ‘inventory’ for better result. So when we can think that it is right to use these useful descriptions. You will not tend to use the term ‘psychometric’ frequently. Some company offers various psychometric products, meaning they can help customers in difference ways. They can also conduct tests online, or paper based and compares results against a validated appropriate norm group.

Need of Psychometric Testing during Recruitment

Their clients use commonly Psychometric Test in admission in school, Recruitment and Selection, by using personality and ability based cognitive tests they can help you to improve the quality of your recruitment process. A personality questionnaire provides in-detailed information on how candidates will be settled within a working environment, how they will be comfortable to work with others and their productivity against job competencies, etc. They provide managers with a detailed length report explaining the strengths and weaknesses of candidates prior to interview and can also assist in providing relevant interview questions if needed.

They also offer a wide range of cognitive ability tests that assess job-relevant aptitudes for all levels of an organization, from fresher level up to leadership positions. Various other tools are available and useful for finding potential, gaining feedback, and helping career planning and facilitating the change process. They have also successfully used personality profiling to help teams that are not functioning to maximum effect and to assist new Directors and Managers to understand their teams better. It performs well in conjunction with some of our training programs too! These Psychometric Tests can be used for any range of persons such as students or mature persons who are looking for recruitment. Psychometric Test is also a part of cognitive test and the result helps the decision maker to take proper decisions.


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