Private Cogat Testing

By | February 25, 2014


Cognitive Testing is the process by which one determine the mental function of a child’s cognition and assess their reasoning ability  using a set of Cognitive Pre Bundle tests that are modeled to gather information about all the processes that are involved in the process of cognition. Every student is different and therefore we believe it’s imperative that in order to maximize performance on the CogAT it is necessary to tailor the prep process to the individual student in an effort to develop the approach that best works for them.

Case study (1) of Alfa Academic Prep offers Private Cogat Testing!

We believe that the productivity of students will be very much low if they will feel much pressure, stress and anxiety surrounding a standardized test. Unfortunately, there will have plenty of time for that when applying to college and beyond. For that reason, our CogAT teachers put their extra effort to foster a level of comfort and understanding during the tutoring sessions. Our tutors have experience working with a variety of age groups, so they know firsthand how 9-year-olds learn and react differently than 16-year-olds. The students in 5th grade will attend the Cognitive Abilities Test, on the Monday they return to school. The Private Cogat Testing is an exam that measures your child’s reasoning skills.

Cogat is conducted by many public schools to screen children for gifted and talented programs; some private schools also conduct the exam in the admissions process. Rather than test your child’s achievement or intelligence, the CogAT Sample Tests your child’s reasoning skills, specifically in the areas of verbal, quantitative and non-verbal reasoning. Again we ask for your assistance by making sure your child is healthy, well-rested, and has a balanced breakfast. If you have any further queries, regarding the CogATs, please refer the website.

Case Study (2) Cogat Abilities Test of DVUZD Students

DVUZD offers Private Cogat Testing for gifted identification 3 times per year at all K-5 and K-8 schools. We respect parent’s requests for gifted testing but recommend that parents first read Characteristics of Gifted Students. Should you decide to have your child tested, contact the SAGE teacher or Cogat Coach at your school? For more information about the Cognitive Ability Test and the testing process, visit DVUZD’s Gifted Services page. From the wide set of Cogat Norms tests that are given, the CogAT is perhaps one of the trickier of the bunch. There is very little official CogAT material in circulation and the meaning of the scores can be difficult to interpret. Our experience with the Cogat Test has enabled us to develop a highly effective approach for CogAT prep.

In order to improve the problem-solving skills that are the crux of our test-prep tutoring, our CogAT prep teachers also focus to emphasize the specific knowledge, concepts, strategies and skill sets required for success on the CogAT Sample Test. We emphasize the kinds of problem-solving skills that will enable your student to effectively wrestle with unusual and/or unfamiliar question types.


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