Practice Tests for Gaining CogAt Proficiency

By | November 30, 2014


Cognitive tests are considered to be the benchmark aptitude exams for qualifying school students for various lucrative academic programmes. CogAT practice test 3rd Grade is therefore widely available in order to expose the students to the test pattern so that they are able to perform to the best of their ability. These exams are primarily based on verbal, non-verbal and numerical content driving them to express their orientation in language, problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities which also serves as an extensive and exhaustive guide about their learning capabilities throughout their tenure in school.

Many equate the CogAt tests with IQ exams but it is primarily a non-referenced exams intended to calibrate the general abilities of the students which facilitates in the process of imbibing requisite knowledge effectively throughout their formal schooling span. CogAT practice test 3rd Grade will equip your child with all the possible dimensions of the exam which are pictorial, figurative and analogy based. However, there are several versions of this test which have been formulated to meet the educational criteria of the students. The recent upgraded versions of CogAT tests incorporate picture classifications and visual based content over and above the basic structure of the test. In fact the non-verbal segment is the most intriguing out of the entire gamut of question battery comprising spatial classification, figure analogies and paper folding exercises. This section is independent of language and numerical angles rather it helps the students to reinforce their imaginative and visualization faculties. Moreover, the questions framed in this segment are not knowledge based rather they are strategy oriented and therefore extensive practice is required to crack this exam with high score graph.

The drills that are included in the CogAT practice test 3rd Grade trains by providing the right feedback from time to time after each exam. The students can also effectively track their development and progress and adjust their timing with more practice and effort simultaneously their cognitive abilities also grow to match the skill sets which are required to excel in this test. These cognitive endowments enhance their learning abilities and also give adequate information to the teachers and educational instructors for shaping the school curriculum in such a way so as to help them develop their strengths and to improve their weaknesses. This reliable appraisal methodology is therefore extremely instrumental and constructive for formulating a responsive educational learning approach which is adopted in classroom teaching learning practices. The CogAT test results provides effective premise for framing and revision of crucial educational goals and objectives which needs to be upgraded for guiding the cognitive abilities of the students towards fruition. It also offers an all-encompassing comparative study of the test takers in a given age group so that the anomalies and similarities in the performance in order to create a quality benchmark in school education rendering.


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