Cogat Test Prep

By | March 30, 2014


Cognitive abilities tests are designed for measuring a student’s reason solving skills in 3 key areas such as: verbal, quantitative and nonverbal. These tests aren’t similar to IQ tests that are used to measure the intelligence of a student or person, but rather unique assessments to determine how eligible the student is in the 3 areas that are most important should they want to have success at school.

About Cogat Test Prep

In most cases, the tests are used to measure a student’s reason solving abilities that is the cognitive process of replying answers, conclusions and proper reasons from a group of given options or hints.  The students should have proper Cogat Test Prep for scoring good marks in Cogat Test. By combining with other assessment tools, the scores from COGAT exams helps the teacher, Guardian or educator to make predictions for how the student will perform further down the line.

This is a standardized test generally given to grades school students to assess their reason solving abilities and how well they can be successful in quantitative and non verbal tasks. The Cogat is designed along with both easy questions and difficult questions in every part of the test. The score of 50 in any part of the test shows that the child is included in the middle of the national average. Every time the CogAT test is combined with the ITBS test which is also known as the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills test. Upon completion the CogAt test the student will be given the scores such as: Verbal, Quantitative, and Non-Verbal.

This Cogat score is known as Composite Score. The composite score is a combination of the 3 sub test scores of each battery. The ITBS and especially the CogAt test scores are used for various purposes such as admission of students in proper standard and selection of subjects. The CogAT composite scores can be used to determine school rankings and can be used to determine the quality of teaching by teachers.

Student learning for the Cogat

The importance of Cogat is that it is used to gauge students for gifted programs. Generally students belong to second grade are given the test to determine about their eligibility for a school districts advanced or gifted training programs. All school districts have variety of names for their advanced programs but they are typically for the kids who are achieving at about a grade above their current grade.

From experience with Cogat test of my daughter I can tell you that getting into the advanced classes can be a challenge for students. Because a kid knows how to solve advanced math problems does not mean he or she will do well on the CogAt test to admit into the advanced classes. The CogAT truly plays a good role in my opinion of gauging a student’s knowledge as the test implies Cognitive capabilities. Now a day, every kid should attend Cogat Test Prep for getting opportunities in better standard classes or better subjects for Science.


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