Cogat Sample Questions

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CogAT is conducted fully or partly with Cogat Sample Questions and provides detailed view of a student through all 3 batteries. 1st basic test has 2 different subtests measure each reason solving skills. The Multiple levels Cogat Test use 3 different subtests to measure each Cognitive Abilities. A variety item format on each subtest is utilized to ensure that scores for each battery are not unduly affected by performance on a particular item type. Some school recommends test levels for low, average, and high-ability classes.

Success Story

Cogat Sample Questions

My cousin Irene had been talking to me for weeks about her daughter’s entry into a new kindergarten program and of course she was very worried about it. She only wanted to place her daughter on the very best and in today’s world, the best sit with the rest of the gifted and talented children. Since we’re family, I offered my help for this admission in Cogat Practice Test. I started doing a little bit of search here and there for Cogat Sample Questions but every corner of the internet I scoured all pointed me back to books and study guides. After sorting through a dozen of these books at last I found this prize waiting for me.

I really got a kick out of this book and believed that this would be the one that would help ease my cousin’s apprehension. It does a great job of explaining the type of testing that the children will go through as well as preparing parents to deal with the overall process. One of the most popular tests given is what is called the CogAT test (Cognitive Abilities Test or it can sometime be referred as the Readiness Test). Other school districts believe in using the GATE (Gifted and Talented Exam) to test potential students. No matter which test your school will be using, the end result will be the same and your child can be ready to face it using this wonderful guide.

My favorite part of the book is all of the Cogat Sample Questions given as examples. A lot of these questions have the same feel of those online IQ tests but takes them at a more practical approach so that children at every level can understand and solve them. It offers more than a selection of questions. It gives brief explanation to each question as well as some hints to help promote learning and reason solving skills. Children can become surprisingly quick learners. If they were hit with these types of questions during the test day it may overwhelm their abilities. There are 45 questions in this book with detailed hints and solutions as well as an extra 60 questions you receive by going to their website. When you reach the end of the book, you will get a few more tips just to help things move along.

My cousin couldn’t be more thrilled when I suggested her for this book and she’s been studying with her daughter for the better part of a week. Now they’re both learning something together and I’m thankful that I was able to provide my relatives the support they needed and deserved. Some Cogat Sample Questions are given below:

1. Verbal Battery

a) Verbal Classification:

Example: red, white, black, _____.
Choices: color; display, paint, blue, rainbow.

b) Sentence Completion:

Example: Apples on trees ____.
Choices: fall; grow; rise; bloom; Climb.

c) Verbal Analogies:

Example: top (is to) bottom: right (is to)
Choices: left; turn; hot; wet; dry.

2. Quantitative Battery

a) Quantitative Relations:

Example: 1. 0+6 2. 4+0
Choices: a) 2 is greater than 1; b) 2 is less than 1; c) 1 is equal to 2.

b) Number Series:

Example: 7; 14; 21; 28
Choices: 26; 49; 35; 38; 54.

c) Equation Building:

Example: 1 3 4 – x
Choices: 1; 2; 8; 4; 6.

3. Non-Verbal Battery

You can get more Non-Verbal tests on various websites. It is further divided into 3 more sub-tests.

a) Figure Classification
b) Figure Analogies
c) Figure Analysis


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