Cogat Form 7

By | January 31, 2014


The CogAT is a common Cognitive Ability Test taken by lot of schools for their students. The results of the Cogat Test are often used to place elementary school students for the gifted and talented programs. Houghton Mifflin publishes the Cogat through its Riverside Publishing subsidiary and describes it as a test designed to measure abilities developed through experience. All 9 subtests from the Multilevel Batteries (grades 3-12) are now extending all the way down to the Primary Battery (grades K-2). On Cogat Form 7, only one of the 3 tests on the Verbal Battery and none of the items on the 3 Quantitative tests need comprehension of oral language-resulting in a more meaningful assessment of every student’s reasoning ability.

Importance of Cogat Form 7

Cogat Form 7

Items used on the new primary-level tests were selected from a larger pool of items that were specifically designed to be fair to EL children. Often school and test administrators understate the advantages of preparing for the Cogat and other Govt. approved tests. Observing a few of these sample problems with your child may lead you to view some advantages of preparation. For younger students in particular, the Cogat Form 7 may be the first intensive multiple choice test that they encounter. Having some familiarity with the workings of a multiple choice test can provide a significant advantage. Some of the material covered on the CogAT Pre Bundle is not taught in early elementary school classes and may be entirely unfamiliar without some preparation.

Details of Various Levels of Cogat Form 7

GTPrep provides you with some insight into the kind of problems your child will soon encounter. Cogat Form 7 differs mainly from earlier editions of the test, in the ways that it makes the assessment more accessible to ELL children. The 1st Edition 7 (Levels 5/6, 7, and 8) is designed for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. The Verbal Battery has 42, 48, or 54 items, at Levels 5/6, 7, and 8, respectively. The Quantitative and Nonverbal Battery have 38, 44, or 50 items, at Levels 5/6, 7, and 8, respectively. The items in each battery are divided into 3 subtests with different item formats. All directions will be read aloud by the teacher, who also paces students through the items together. The structure of the Primary Edition test items has been adapted to be more consistent with the Multilevel Edition.

Multiple Edition of Cogat Form 7

The Multilevel Edition of Cogat Form 7 (Levels 9 to 17/18) is modeled for students in grades 3 through 12. Level 9 transitions from the picture-based, verbal and quantitative tests used with students in grades K to 2 to the text and numeric-based, timed verbal and quantitative tests used at the upper grades. The level 10 to 17/18 Verbal (64 items), Quantitative (52 items), and Nonverbal batteries (60 items) each contain 3 subtests that use different item formats. The student must read individual words on 2 subtests of the Verbal Battery (Verbal Analogies and Verbal Classification) and sentence completion on the 3rd. Cogat helps students in improving thinking skills!


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