CogAT Form 7 – The Latest Evaluation Strategy

By | October 11, 2014


Standardizing the norms of education for catering to the multilevel cognitive capacities of the students is an exceedingly challenging and complex process. The modern education system is therefore extremely dynamic, innovative, empirical and logical in its essence in order to guide the future generation to become holistic individuals by nurturing their talents. CogAt is one of the vanguard assessment tests formulated to comprehend the cognitive disposition of the present day primary and secondary school students. Continuous research endeavours are upgrading this cognitive ability test taking mechanism for desirable results. CogAT Form 7 is the outcome of these progressive research initiatives in this regard which has resulted in the formation of a fascinating and highly evolved cognitive estimation methodology.

Newest and latest features are being added in the CogAt Form 7 version in order to make it an extremely fair, transparent, dependable and error proof system. The content of the test which essentially comprises three sub-parts namely verbal, non-verbal and quantitative is always subjected to a continuous process of screening, revision and enhancement in order to keep pace with the times. Pictures and clip based questions are being incorporated in to the CogAt questionnaire structure so that that higher level of cognitive abilities of the students may be tapped. The verbal battery quintessentially focuses on classification, sentence completion and analogies in order to make this section in to a cohesive and complete unit. The quantitative and non-verbal sections are equally visual where the questions are illustrated with pie charts, pictures and interesting patterns. The quantitative battery of questions deals with completing number series, solving numerical analogies and puzzles whereas the non-verbal array of questions entail figure identification, classification and interpreting myriad figure matrices to assess the child’s spatial abilities.

The CogAt Form 7 is a timed exam and distributed equitably in numerous sessions so that the time management skills of the students are also put to test. The scoring and result analysis of the CogAt exam proves to be an extremely pivotal tool for profiling students as per their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The result is able to provide a detailed and distinct overview related to their language and numerical endowments along with their ability to coordinate, organize, analyze, interpret and execute knowledge towards a meaningful direction. These insights about the test takers of a particular student group and category provide the premise for educators to set the instructional strategies and design the resources and materials which will serve to utilize the inherent talents within the children. Therefore, extensive research studies are being conducted on these test samples in order to understand the cognitive responses of the children based on their age group, culture, racial and geographical attributes among others which can influence their performance so as to formulate course programmes which can bring out the best in them.


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