Cogat Composite Score

By | March 16, 2014


American Mensa accepts scores from approximately 180 different standardized intelligence tests. Often potential members have attended acceptable tests at other times in their lives and don’t realize they may already qualify for membership. Cogat Test is one of the most important intelligence tests.

Case Study:

Query of Helen (posted on Blog): My son took this Cognitive Test this week. He attended the 1st grade level to see about skipping to 2nd. I had a discussion with his teacher earlier and she said she would let me know the Cogat Composite Score tomorrow. She did say that the AIG teacher taking the test said that he only missed 4 out of the whole Cognitive Test. And that the 2nd grade teacher setting in there with him said he was too advanced to be in even the AIG leveled 2nd grade. He really needs to be sited in 3rd but we couldn’t put a 7 year old student in 3rd grade. I live in a small town and we don’t have the option of a gifted and talented school unless we drive for 30min-50 min.

Importance of Cogat Composite Score

AIG stands for Academically Intellectually Gifted and the AIG teacher conducts the Cogat Practice Test to achieve good score in Cognitive Test. My husband and I have to discuss with his teacher in the morning but I am still concerned about how he will be going to be in 1 grade doing the next grades work. It just doesn’t seem fair, but in our district skipping a grade is very rarely done. I know that we cannot put him in 3rd grade permanently because of his maturity level (which he might be able to adapt if proper chance will be given). I just want him to feel like he is belonging to somewhere. I looked into a school nearby (well about 40 min distance) and have some info coming for that. It is a private school called Carlisle. They have a bus that runs through our city so transportation won’t be a problem. Tuition on the other hand will be at nearest place.

They have financial aid and we are hoping to select this option and he is able to get in there we can get it. I think the total cost per year is around $11,000 for grades 1-2. I just want him to be able to grow and learn something. I love his school now and they are nothing but compliant with us and are doing everything by which they can help in getting him where he can excel but like I said we are a tiny city and can’t do a lot! As per our consideration good Cogat Composite Score helps students to be eligible for grade skipping. Any kind of good suggestions or recommendation you have would be really appreciated.


I have read before, and just recently again in Miraca Gross’s book (Exceptionally Gifted and talented Children), or rather an article she wrote based on that; that grade skipping is a great strategy for kids that are very advanced academically due to a better Cogat Composite Score. With exceptionally/profoundly gifted kids, several times more than a grade skip is needed. However, seldom will skipping more than a grade at a time works.


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