Calculate CogAT Composite Score

By | March 5, 2015


Cognitive tests are aligned to brighten up the kid’s abilities right from their tender age of learning. For any specialized function or job opportunities, it becomes important to be spontaneous and impromptu while answering something. Assessing the myriad of problems in life, both private and professional need efficient cognitive abilities sharpened to ensure the aptitude is clean and intelligence is well accepted. The mental abilities that are present in an individual is directly related to learning new things, new subjects, making strong decision, attention to one thing at a time, reasoning, numerical capabilities and even solving difficult problems. Thus, to assess the level of presence of these capabilities, it is very much important to evaluate the ability test through CogAT composite score which is obtained after cognitive testing. These tests are designed ingenuously to access the subjective capability and understanding.

CogAT is hence one of the most accepted and most vital intelligence tests among many such tests that occur in the society. Big education institutes even accept the CogAT composite score to get students enrolled. Thus, the importance of having a good composite score is high. AIG or the Academically Intellectual Gifted does conduct these tests known as cognitive tests. Just like kids are selected for the 1st grade right according to their class be the assessment of mental capabilities, the tests confirm the intellectual capability of a student.

Understanding the concepts of interpreting the composite score is thus very important. The vernaculars will help you understand the inextricable links with the person and his intellect through the CogAT scores. For example, scores like 1, 2, 3 are indicated towards below average score; points 4, c5, 6 can be assed for average score and the 6, 7, 8 are indicating towards above average. Percentile can also be calculated for understanding the present IQ level of a kid. The percentile is on 100 % which is conventionally different from the percentage calibration in normal educational institutes. You need to understand that 90 % doesn’t mean the student has got 90 out of 100, like any other general tests. It becomes imperative to know the exact marking of cognitive tests for assessing the right reasoning capabilities.

How the test is performed

Students will be provided with several tasks of the mentioned above types that is only possible to complete with cognitive skills. These different components broken are now taken as examination for language reading, understanding and better reasoning. These actions and their capabilities will be now scored differently which will be added for composite score for future assessment of IQ. These score can help get the information pertaining how a certain individual can acquire the processing of given information. Later these CogAT Test Scores can be compared with the specific peers.


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