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Outlining Individual Cognitive Caliber with CogAt Profiling

  Nowadays, education is an all-encompassing process of empowering children to discover their hidden potential respecting their individuality and at the same time balancing the social needs in order to evolve as mature and integrated entity. In order to fulfill this objective it is imperative to start early and take avid interest in delving in to the psychological… Read More »

Visualizing Spatial Talent through Non-Verbal CogAt Tests

  CogAT test also known as Cognitive Ability Tests are becoming a phenomenally popular mechanism to gauge and track the mental awareness, problem solving and reasoning abilities as well as its development spanning from their pre-school stage to Class 12 grade standard. These psychometric tests are broadly divided in to three subsets comprising verbal, quantitative and non-verbal batteries.… Read More »

CogAT Form 7 – The Latest Evaluation Strategy

Standardizing the norms of education for catering to the multilevel cognitive capacities of the students is an exceedingly challenging and complex process. The modern education system is therefore extremely dynamic, innovative, empirical and logical in its essence in order to guide the future generation to become holistic individuals by nurturing their talents. CogAt is one of the vanguard… Read More »