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Cognitive Assessment System

  Cognition is one of the easy domains out of 4 domains measured by the NIH Toolbox for the Assessment of Neurological and thinking Function (NIH-Toolbox), and complements modules testing motor function, sensation, and emotion. Through expert panels of Cogat Assessment System, the cognition sub-domains identified as most useful for health as well as success in school and… Read More »

Cognitive Function Test

  For large scale follow up analysis with non-demented patients in which cognition is a last point, there is a requirement for short, inexpensive, sensitive, and reliable neuropsychological tests that are appropriate for repeated Cognitive Function Test measurements. The most commonly used Mini-Mental -Test fulfils only the first 2 requirements. Need of Cognitive Function Test Neuro Cognitive Function… Read More »

Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test

The Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test (CLQT) has been proven to be a faster, inexpensive and correct screening test of cognitive function in patients, according to research presented here at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting. The outputs of the CLQT in 25 patients (mean age 65.3 years; 63.5% male) were compared to multiple standard neuropsychometric components,… Read More »