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Cognitive Skills

  One of the most important cognitive periods in the preschool years that occur between 3 to 4 year olds is the development of symbolic cognitive thought. Symbolic cognitive thought is the ability to mentally or symbolically action represents concrete objects, actions, and events. The most important sign of the development of symbolic cognitive thought in 4 years… Read More »

Montreal Cognitive Assessment

  In Montreal area, these ITBS and Cogat tests should not be taken lightly if you wish your child to admit in gifted classes and excel to their ultimate potential of thinking capabilities. It is recommended that you can get grade above your child’s level if you have any expectations of your child being accepted into the gifted… Read More »


The ITBS is a standardized test conducted for kids from starting to grades 8 all across the country. ITBS refers to Iowa Test of Basic Skills which will be given to kids all across the United States and compares kids intelligence ability, aptitude and cognitive ability against all the other kids across the country. The test covers basic… Read More »

Neurocognitive Testing

The patient who has a brain injury must need a computerized brain testing though advance computerized Neurocognitive Testing which will evaluate the status of patient through Neuropsychological test. It helps in deciding for next treatment procedure for patient. Need of Expert Neurocognitive Testing The brain is a very sophisticated processing organ, which can be better understood by multiple… Read More »

Psychometric Testing

All of these terms of Psychometric Testing are used to describe a set of questions, designed to measure intelligence, thinking abilities, cognitive skills, aptitudes, attitudes and personality. A psychometric test is a system that is designed to generate a quantitative assessment of some psychological determination. Also it is defined as any testing process on the basis of which… Read More »

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

Every year, the Wonderlic draws attention for both high and low score results. Recently, Helen Boyer’s score was put under the microscope. In last year’s, many players have taken pressure for their low results. The Wonderlic Test was first used in the NFL in the early 1970s. The coach of NFL team thought that players need both cognitive… Read More »